VENUS© Ticketing and Complaints Module

Venus® Trouble Ticketing and Complaints Management System is a simple, yet powerful, web based module that integrates fully with unified Cisco Unified Enterprise Solution for fully managing your customer service solutions. It lets organizations manage all their ticketing activities with a single, versatile centralized system.
Venus® can be used for handling complaints, tickets and customer’s feedback. The module many “ease of use” features boost agent productivity, customer satisfaction and call center ROI. Our Venus® development team built ticketing as a web-based solution that uses the latest Rich Internet Application technologies to make it easy for business to get system benefits without worrying about operation complexities.

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Users can assign tickets of multiple categories and sub-categories, to ensure they are properly handled. A category may be a department, and a section within it could be a sub-category.


If the ticket is not closed with the SLA set for this ticket’s Topic, at this initial severity level, escalation emails will go to users assigned to deal with it at the next higher severity level.

Move Tickets

Tickets can be easily move between departments by getting benefits of Ticket Department Change wizard, bulk move of topic’s ticket from one category to another is very simple.

Assignment Methods

A user can assign the ticket to himself (if permitted) or to any other user under his supervision (if permitted), this features adds more accountability on system to easily and rapidly satisfy customers’ requests/complaints.


The module can authenticate against third-party systems, including databases or Active Directory.
It assigns each User a specific role or user can be a member of multiple groups that are mapped different permissions.


Unbounded Number of categories and sub categories can be added to help organize tickets and prevent confusion as the number of tickets grows.

Document Attachment

Multiple documents can be attached within a ticket at creation or editing time. From the user interface the end user upload one or many files as it requires, the max file size is a configuration parameter and depends on database type.


System has basic ticket id search and also advanced search on any dynamic field added while creating tickets. Tickets can be searched based on status, escalation level or customer and dates.


Complete history of the ticket is saved, along with dates, events, comments and users who were involved. This history is available to the agent when a ticket is opened and also available in the reporting section. When a new customer’s request comes in, the agent has an option to get list of all tickets by user.


While creating ticket or editing a ticket agent, the user can add customer mobile number for generating messages when there is a ticket event (i.e., open, close & reopen).


A user can have more than one user under his supervision, this enables team leader or supervisors to control their department’s activities in timely manner by assigning or re-assigning tickets to their staff or handle their tickets or the tickets assigned to their users.


Level of priorities can be set with individual tickets to easily sort tickets based on their priorities.