Contact Centre Interaction Services

All-in-one software based communication solution for managing interactions to improve customer experience, business efficiency and monitor productivity Components.

Self Service

Deploy Self-service Application (IVR) to
Optimize Operation Efficiency and Enhance
Customer Experience

Intelligent Routing

Deliver Exemplary Customer Experience
While Driving Operational Efficiency with
Intelligent Routing

Proactive Outbound

Maximize Customer Value and Business
Profitability with Outbound

Agent Desktop Tools

Enhancing Agent Experience to ensure
better Customer Experience

Workforce Management

Serve Customers Better by Optimizing your
Team’s Performance

HelpDesk and CRM

Create Long-lasting Relationships with your

Reporting and Analytics

Tune Customers and Employee
Experience by Gaining Actionable
Insights on Contact Center Performance

Integrations and Developer Tools 

Design and Re-engineer Business Rules,
Routing Strategies and Interaction

Omni Channel Capabilities

Businesses today are Stressing on Strategies
to define the Customer Experience Delivered


Design and Re-engineer Business Rules,
Routing Strategies and Interaction Workflows

Voice Enhancement

Ensures Uninterrupted and Flawless
Customer Interactions for a Smoother
Customer Experiences

Affluent Relationship Manager

Nurture Premium relationships with Affluent


  • SDK for Application development and not only IVR or call flow customizations
  • Advance real-time analytics in dashboards or wallboards
  • Multi-level privileged based calling / event handling Capability
  • Plugin based algorithms and implementations
  • MDA generated APIs and interfaces
  • Cradle-to-grave reports


  • Auto-fail-over support
  • Load-balancing with N+1 as well as N+N components, both Kinds of deployment are in one setup
  • Application robustness guaranteed by labs with automated test beds
  • Detailed bench-marking of individual components before general availability
  • Remote NOC and automated maintenance on-demand

Future Ready

  • Based on SOA, its technology can keep on upgrading as per future trends and advancements
  • Highly Scalable (Distributed Architecture)
  • Setup flexibility (Centralized, distributed or hybrid setups) as per growing business needs

Cost Effective

  • No proprietary hardware, utilizes industry standard server machines
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)
  • Gives choice to use proven open-source componets including OS and DB
  • Open Standards and APIs
  • Detailed Component wise flexible Pricing
  • Development tools enables changes at fraction of price than conventional methods
  • Ease to use, Quick Maintenance and implementation